Food Service

If you are interested in your child's meal balance, please contact Ms. Gottler, food service director, at 586-749-9810.  The "Meal Magic" service is being configured to our new web site, and should be up and running very soon.  PowerSchool and Meal Magic, though, are not connected at this time.  Check back in the future to see when this service will be available.  

Children need healthy meals to learn. New Haven offers healthy meals every school day. Please view the Chartwells documents below for more information regarding your child's food service program.

Breakfast is $1.50 at the high school and free to all students at the elementary and middle schools. 
Breakfast consist of a Milk, Juice or Fresh Fruit or Prepackaged Fruit Cup, a daily rotating different entree, such as, different flavored muffins, fruit and or granola cereal bars, mini pancakes or waffles flavored with cinnamon, yogurts, string cheese and graham crackers, are provided. We provide a monthly menu of our breakfast program so parents and students are aware of what is available on any given day that month.  


Students may buy lunch for $2.60 at the high school and middle school and $2.35 at the elementary school. Secondary lunches consist of a wide variety of hot and cold entrees with choice of vegetable, fruit, and juice or milk. Pre-made salads and sandwich choices are available daily or visit our sandwich / salad station where students and staff may have their order personalized. Monthly menus will be sent home with our elementary students.

Free/Reduced Meals
Your children may qualify for free meals or for reduced price meals. We sell reduced price lunches for $0.40 and breakfasts for $0.30. Information and the application regarding free/reduced meals is located below.

Individual Dietary Needs
If a doctor has determined that your child has a disability, and the disability would prevent the child from eating the regular school meal, the school will make any substitution prescribed by a licensed physician at no extra charge. The physician's statement, including prescribed diet and/or substitution, must be submitted to the food service department at your school. For further information, please call Ethel Gottler, DDS at 586-749-9810. 

Downloadable Files
How to apply for Free and Reduced Price School Meals
2017-2018 Free and Reduced Meal Application
Frequently asked questions about Free and Reduced Price School Meal
Food Service Civil Rights Letter.pdf
Non-Discrimination Disclaimer.pdf

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