MISD Special Education Resources

The Macomb Intermediate School District (MISD) is a regional education body that works to enhance the education of students in all county public school districts, charter schools and private/parochial schools.   It has many resources to provide quality educational opportunities for general education and special education students, technical and instructional support to school employees, and leadership in all areas impacting education.  It’s largest service is to oversee all special education programs in the county, and operate seven schools that service more severely impaired students. It is the largest ISD in Michigan that provides direct services to students.

Parents, school personnel, and the community at large are active partners in planning, delivering and evaluating many MISD services and programs. MISD special education services range from assistance to students within our district classrooms to the operation of special county schools and programs. This assistance even extends to students who cannot attend school. 

Here is a list of MISD Special Education services, explanations, and contacts:

  1. The MISD offers a large number of resources to help parents maximize their children’s education.  For example, an Early On – Macomb (http://www.misd.net/EarlyOn/) section of their website has 10 topics related to infants and toddlers from birth to 36 months who have developmental delays or established conditions that may lead to delays.  

  2. The MISD website (misd.net) also has many valuable Special Education Web Links (http://www.misd.net/SEMGTService/WorldWideWebLinks.htm) that are generally helpful to special educators and parents.

  3. MISD Center Program Schools: The mission of the MISD Center Programs (http://www.misd.net/CenterProg/) is to improve each student's ability to function independently. This is accomplished by developing and supporting comprehensive educational programs in partnership with students, their parents, local educational agencies (LEA) and community served by the MISD. The specialized center programs offered by the Macomb Intermediate School District (MISD) provides the following educational support opportunities for our students:  Autistic Impaired (AI), Physically or Otherwise Health Impaired (POHI), Trainable Mentally Impaired (TMI), Severely Mentally Impaired (SMI), Severely Emotionally Impaired (SEI), Visually Impaired (VI), and Macomb Infant Preschool Program (MIPPS).

  4. The following are the MISD’s Center Program Schools  (http://www.misd.net/Children/)

  1. Regional Special Education Services
    Click on the titles below to receive a complete description of the many special services outlined on the MISD website: (NOTE: Create a link from each title to the MISD website information)
  1. Electronic Forms and Procedures
    Develops forms and procedures that are required by current Special Education Rules and Regulations (in collaboration with the Macomb County Association of Administrators of Special Education)
  2. Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)
    This group serves in an advisory capacity to develop the MISD County plan for special education services and to support parents of students with disabilities..  It also provides parents in local districts with information about resources available for children with special challenges.  The PAC group meets monthly.  If you have more questions about this group, please call the Special Services Department at 749-9535.
  3. Support and Related Services 
    Delivers specialized supportive and related services for students in regular schools and those who cannot attend school.
  4. Assistive Technology
    Maintains a learning materials center and lending library of assistive devices for  handicapped students.
  5. Management Services
    Develops service delivery plans, and monitors compliance to the plan
    - Collects data on students with handicapping conditions
    - Provides technical consultation to special educators and parents.
    - Supports locally operated education programs. 
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