Annual Education Reports

Each year the school district and each school building prepares an Annual Report on the programs and progress of the district.  The reports includes comparative MEAP (Michigan Educational Assessment Program) and MME (Michigan Merit Examination) test scores with the other 21 Macomb County public school districts and the 535 public school districts in Michigan.  

We post on our website the Annual Reports of the district and individual schools as soon as they are compiled.  Annual Reports are available below or at the school buildings.

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2017-18 District AER Cover Letter  2017-2018 NHHS AER Cover Ltr
2017-18 District AER Report (pdf)  2017-2018 NHHS AER Report (pdf)

2016-17 District AER Cover Letter 2016-2017 NHHS AER Cover Ltr
2016-17 District AER Report 2016-2017 NHHS AER Report

2017-2018 EMS Cover Letter 2017-2018 NHE Cover Letter
2017-2018 EMS AER Report (pdf) 2017-2018 NHE AER Report (

2016-2017 EMS Cover Letter  2016-2017 NHE Cover Letter 
2016-2017 EMS AER Report 2016-2017 NHE AER Report 


2016-2017 LHVS Cover Letter

2016-2017 LHVS AER Report

2017-2018 LHVS Cover Letter 
2017-2018 LHVS AER Report 


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