PowerSchool Info

Welcome to the PowerSchool help guide for students and parents/guardians.

PowerSchool is an easy to use, web-based student information system. It is intended to provide students, parents/guardians and teachers with a tool to communicate student performance. PowerSchool may be accessed from any place with Internet access. The application uses a secure link that encrypts the data to and from the end user and is very secure.

In addition, each student and parent/guardian is provided with a separate username and password that allows access to only the appropriate student records.

Getting Started

The Login page allows authorized users to access the web pages containing their student's information. The username and password must be entered exactly as provided to you. Each username and password is unique to each student. 

To Create Your User Account See Attachment.

Instructions to set up parent account.pdf

Then navigate to:


Once account is created, and Unified Classroom account set up use the Login link below.

Students and parents/guardians may access the system by going to:



 Image 1 

To protect your student’s information, no usernames or passwords are given over the phone or through email. Students may contact the building secretary to receive a reminder of username and password.


Grades and Attendance
This is the default page that you see upon entering your username and password. To return to this page from any other menu selection, click on the green PowerSchool logo or the Grades and Attendance icon at the top left of your screen.

This page displays an overview of the student's attendance information from the current and previous weeks and grade information.  There is a legend at the bottom of the screen to explain the meaning of all of the attendance markings. The course names, teachers’ names, term grades and recorded attendance are also displayed on this screen.  All text items that are blue are links to additional information or email links to teachers.

Grades History
This page provides historical grades from previous quarters.

Attendance History
Clicking on numbers within the Absences column will link you to a detailed list of absences for a particular course.

Email Notification
This button does not show up when using the student login. Parent logins offer the option of having updates emailed when assignments are posted, school bulletins are updated, etc. This feature will not be turned on during the 2008-09 school year, our first year with this new system.

Teacher Comments
One of three places teachers can leave comments about students. Comments are also available under assignments and posted with final grades.

School Bulletin
A space for school announcements and updates from the buildings.

Class Registration
Only available during registration times.

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