Facility Use Policy

PDF DocumentNHCS 7510 - Facility Use Policy


All facility and field use requires an approved district permit.  Facility and Field permits may now be completed online. 

The permit application is free, however facility and field use will be charged according to the district policy.   

Please follow click on the link to request the use of school facilities:  External Link https://newhaven.gofmx.com


The Board of Education believes that the school facilities of this District should be made available for community purposes, provided that such use does not infringe on the original and necessary purpose of the property, or interfere with the educational program of the schools.

If you have questions, please email  facilities@newhaven.misd.net 

New Facility

Football/Soccer Fields

HS - $150 per hour
MS - $75 per hour
Clark St. - $50 per hour

Lining/Striping of Fields - $125.00 Initial application (one (1) color)

$ 75.00 Subsequent applications

Baseball/Softball Fields

HS - $ 45 per hour / $75 per game (2 hour max.)

MS - $ 25 per hour / $40 per game (2 hour max.)

Clark St. - Regulation size fields $35 per hour / $55 per game (2 hour max.)

Clark St. - T-Ball/Little League fields $25 per hour / $40 per game (2 hour max.)

Clark St. - Full Baseball/Softball facility $150 per day (3 hour max.)

Lining/Striping of Fields - $50.00 Initial application (Batter's box/foul lines)

$35.00 Subsequent applications

* A fee of $15.00 per hour will be added for use of field lights for the activity.

Above rates do not include overtime charges for District staff, to include contract custodians, when activities are planned for weekends or days when school buildings are closed or staff is not on duty. These fees will be in addition to the building rental charge.

All questions should be directed to Central Office or the Facilities Use Coordinator.

Changes effective February 24, 2020.


General Equipment Rental Fees:

Equipment                                              Per Item

Chairs (per hundred)                             $50

Data Projector                                       $50

DVD/VCR                                              $25

Monitors                                                $25

Movie Screen                                        $25

P.A. System - corded (1 Mic)                 $50

P.A. System - Cordless (1 Mic)              $60

Piano                                                      $75

Piano Tuning (if damaged from use) Actual Cost

Podium                                                   $20

Risers                                                     $30

Scoreboard (Gym)                                  $50

Stage Lighting                                         $50

Tables                                                      $20

Volleyball (Nets, Poles)                           $50

Revised 5/95

Revised 8/97

Revised 3/17/08

Revised 10/24/16 

Revised 11/14/16

REVISED 02/24/2020

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