Budget & Salary/Compensation Transparency Report

The District has not incurred a deficit.

PDF DocumentNHEA Master Agreement 2021-2024
PDF DocumentLOA Teacher - 5th Grade Moving to Endeavour June 6, 2023
PDF DocumentLOA Teacher Leave Dated September 16, 2022
PDF DocumentLOA Teacher dated 9/16/2021
PDF DocumentTeacher 2020-2021 Master Agreement 
PDF DocumentTeachers 2017-2020
PDF DocumentMEA/Teacher April, 2021 Letter of Agreement
PDF DocumentMEA/Teacher September, 2020 Letter of Agreement 
PDF DocumentMEA/Teacher September 3, 2020 Letter of Agreement
PDF DocumentMEA/Teacher September 3, 2020 Letter of Agreement 1
PDF DocumentMEA/Teacher September 3, 2020 Letter of Agreement 2
PDF DocumentMEA/Teacher November 12, 2021 Letter of Agreement - Elementary 
PDF DocumentMEA/Teacher Adjusted Step Schedule

PDF DocumentNHPA/MEA 2022-2025
PDF DocumentLOA Medically Fragile Student(s), June 6, 2022 
PDF DocumentMEA/Paraprofessionals TA - Wage Re-opener 2 -22-21 
PDF DocumentParapros & Aides 2019-2022
PDF DocumentMEA/Paraprofessional October 2020 Letter of Agreement
PDF DocumentMEA/Paraprofessional September 2020 Letter of Agreement 
PDF DocumentParapros & Aides 2016-2019

PDF DocumentNHSSA/MEA LOA 1-30-23 Insurance 
PDF DocumentNHSSA/MEA LOA October 2022 - Insurance 
PDF DocumentNHSSA/MEA Master Agreement 2022-2025
PDF DocumentNHSSA LOA Dated August 22,2022
PDF DocumentNHSSA Tentative Agreement - Wage Re-opener 2020-2022
PDF DocumentMEA/Secretary October 2020 Letter of Agreement
PDF DocumentSecretaries 2019-2022
PDF DocumentSecretaries 2016-2019

PDF DocumentMEA/Transportation Master Agreement 2022-2025
PDF DocumentMEA/Transportation LOA 5-18-23 Wages
PDF DocumentMEA/Transportation LOA 4-24-2023
PDF DocumentMEA/Transportation Wage Re-Opener 2 22 21
PDF DocumentMEA/Transportation October 2020 Letter of Agreement
PDF DocumentTransportation 2019-2022
PDF DocumentTransportation 2016-2019

PDF DocumentMEA/Food Service 2022-2025 Master Agreement 
PDF DocumentFood Service 2019-2022

PDF DocumentMemo of Agreement - Furlough Days 10/31/16

PDF DocumentNHCS Bldg Admin Salary Schedule

PDF Document2022-2023 Superintendent, Puzdrakiewicz Evauation Posting 
PDF DocumentSuperintendent, Puzdrakiewicz Evaluation Posting 
PDF DocumentSuperintendent Evaluation Posting & Assurances

PDF DocumentAppendix A - Model Form

PDF DocumentAppendix B - Development of a Performance Improvement Plan

External LinkMultidimensional Leadership Performance System

NHCS is utilizing the Multidimensional Leadership Performance System for evaluation of building administrators.  The training was provided through the Macomb Intermediate School District with representatives from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  The district then provided additional support through Administrative Team Meetings in the first year of implementation.  We will continue to work with the MISD in the future for training support.

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