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Complete Your School Meal Form Today PDF Document23-24 Education Benefits Form with Annual Income Ranges.

Michigan School Meals provide quality food that fuels good education. The new state investment allows all students to eat one breakfast and one lunch for free each day of the entire school year if they choose.  

Even though all meals are free for the 2023-24 school year, there are other education benefits provided to the district, individual school building, or household that require an individual student benefit (free, reduced, paid) to be determined each year. 

We’re asking every family to complete and submit either the School Meal Application or Education Benefits Form (formerly the Household Information Report.) The information collected is used to provide additional services and benefits beyond school meals, like resources for classrooms, teachers, and children, guidance and college counselors, and health and wellness services. Summer EBT benefits are also available for eligible households. Talk to your school about which form you need. 

Talk to your school's office about school meal forms today.

Michigan School Meals 2023-2024

School Meal Forms

Schools and households in Michigan rely on Education Benefits to receive additional services throughout the school year, which is why every household is being asked to complete income documentation for their district to continue to receive this funding.  

What forms are required?

  • You will be asked to fill out either a School Meals Application or an Education Benefits form (formerly the Household Information Report) depending on your school. 

How do I know which form to fill out? And where can I get it?

  • Contact your school office to get the proper form.

Why should I fill out the School Meals Application or Household Information Report?

  • School funding. We need all families to fill out this form so that your district receives the necessary resources to continue to provide all students with the highest quality education, including funding for things like computers, books, school supplies, and more.
  • Technology funding. Your district receives more funding for internet access and computers.
  • Grocery benefits. Filling out this form may help provide your family with money for groceries through P-EBT.
  • SAT, ACT, and AP test discounts. If your household qualifies, you can receive discounts for academic testing.
  • College application discounts. If your household qualifies, you can receive discounts for college application fees.
  • Athletics. If your household qualifies, you may receive discounts for fees associated with participating in athletics.
  • Summer EBT. If your household qualifies, you will receive Summer EBT benefits per eligible student.

Do I need to fill out a form for each student?

  • No, only one (1) application per household needs to be completed, either the School Meal Application or Education Benefits form. Please include the names of all students enrolled in your district on the form.

Is the information I provide confidential?

  • Yes, any personal information you provide on either form is kept strictly confidential.

When do I need to complete the forms?

  • Please complete and return it to your school as soon as possible

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23-24 Education Benefits Form with Annual Income Ranges.
It is very important for every family to complete this form.  This Form determines how much money our district receives for many of our federal and state grants. 

PDF DocumentHow to Create a Lunch Account 

Meal Magic Information 

We have great news! The link to add money to your children's accounts or pay outstanding balances is below.
Meal Magic Link External Link

We have openings in our food service department with Chartwells in New Haven Schools. We offer competitive pay, a Monday thru Friday Schedule with nights, weekends, and holidays off for you to spend quality time with you family! For more details or to apply, text Job to 75000 the requisition number is 909486 or you go online from your computer to and search New Haven Schools 48048

New Changes to Food Service!

The "Meal Magic" service is now connected to PowerSchool so you can check your child's food service balance at any time. You may also contact your student's school or , food service director, at 586-749-8067 ext. 3051.
Children need healthy meals to learn. New Haven offers healthy meals every school day. 


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is free to all students at the elementary and middle schools.

An elementary breakfast includes a daily rotating entree, such as, flavored muffins, cereal bars, mini pancakes, fruit pastries and graham crackers. A choice of milk and Juice or fresh fruit are also included.

We provide a monthly menu of our breakfast program so parents and students are aware of what is available on any given day.

High school students also have the opportunity to enjoy breakfast at school. Full price students will pay $1.50.

A complete breakfast will include a main entree, juice or fruit, and a choice of milk. The high school breakfast entrees may include breakfast pizza, burritos, flavored muffins, yogurt parfait w/granola, cereal bars, mini pancakes or waffles, and many more. 


The elementary lunch price is $2.65.  Elementary lunches consist of a choice of 2 main entrees, assorted hot and fresh vegetables, fresh and canned fruit, and a choice of milk. Monthly menus will be sent home with our elementary students.

Students at the middle school and high school may buy lunch for $2.85 

Secondary lunches consist of a wide variety of hot and cold entrees with a choice of vegetables, fruit, and juice, or milk. Pre-made or made to order salads and sandwiches are available daily. Weekly menus are available on our website.

Free/Reduced Meals

How to Apply for Free and Reduced Meals

Your children may qualify for free or reduce priced meals. New applications must be filled out every school year to ensure continued benefits. 

The reduced breakfast price is $0.30 and the reduced lunch is $0.40.

Individual Dietary Needs

If a doctor has determined that your child has an allergy or sensitivity, and it would prevent the child from eating the regular school meal, we will provide a  substitution at no extra charge. However, you must have a licensed physician's statement, including prescribed diet and/or substitution, and it must be submitted to the foodservice department at your school. For further information, please call Food Service Coordinator, DDS at 586-749-8067 ext. 3051

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How to apply for Free & Reduced Price School Meals

FAQ about Free & Reduced Price School Meal

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