Bus Schedules

Drop-off & Pick-up Regulations

The New Haven Community Schools policy is to only transport students from home to school and from school to home.  Therefore, the address given by parents for the pick-up of a student at the start of each school year is also the child’s permanent drop-off spot.  If a situation arises where a child cannot be at that stop, the parent/guardian is responsible for the child’s transportation to school.  If a child misses the bus and is taken to another regular stop, he/she will be picked-up there, but the bus will not stop in the middle of a block, or at any other unauthorized stop.

If a child is to be dropped off anywhere except the address given, such as at a baby-sitter, the building office must be informed so that transportation can be provided to a stop near that location.  Once this is established as a drop-off, it will be permanent for the school year.  Office personnel and bus drivers have been told that dropping students off at a friend’s house after school for a birthday party or a sleepover are not acceptable reasons for changes in bus stops. 

To keep track of all students, bus drivers have been directed not to deviate from their regular route and stops. 

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