Welcome to New Haven Community School District! It is our goal to provide your family an experience with New Haven that exemplifies our mission: “Our Personal Best. Every Day. No Exceptions. No Excuses.” In effort to accomplish this New Haven Community Schools utilizes a centralized enrollment process. All resident and Schools of Choice students must be enrolled through our enrollment office, once they are officially enrolled they can then register at the appropriate school.

PDF DocumentMay 11, 2020 letter to parents for incoming kindergartners 

DUE TO THE STAY AT HOME ORDER, please direct questions regarding enrollment to Marie Walls at Mwalls@newhaven.misd.net.  

Below is a checklist of the required documents and information necessary to complete the student enrollment process. Because of the numerous state and local reporting guidelines, this can be a time-consuming and paper intensive process. It is our hope that by providing you with this checklist the experience will be less cumbersome.

1. Original Birth Certificate or legal documents of guardianship (with photo ID)

2. Current bill with name and address for proof of residency

3. Current immunization record

4. Hearing and Vision Screening (Young 5's/Kindergarten only)

Once you have completed the enrollment application and have gathered the required documentation, you may contact our enrollment office at 586-749-5123 Option 3 to schedule an appointment. The New Haven Community Schools enrollment office is located at 30375 Clark St. New Haven, right across from the Lenox Library.