Developmental Kindergarten

All About Developmental Kindergarten

Early learning is a key component to the success of each and every child - the earlier we can provide solid educational opportunities to our younger learners the better. These programs will allow our youngest learners the time they need to grow academically, socially, and emotionally in order to be prepared for Kindergarten.  Expanding the day gives us the opportunity to provide each child additional opportunities for learning and growth in a manner consistent with early childhood development.  

Young 5 kids working at table

Where, What, When...

New Haven "Developmental Kindergarten", located at New Haven and Endeavour Elementary Schools, are designed for students who are eligible for kindergarten (or just missed eligibility due to new state age requirements). Age eligibility for this program requires that your student is 5yrs old on or before December 1st of the current school year. The Developmental Kindergarten program will run Monday through Friday on the regular elementary school hours. It will include a lunch period. The program follows the kindergarten curriculum but takes the time necessary to ensure students understand the concepts. When students leave this program they would enter full-day kindergarten, not first grade. This is a free program with free busing included for resident students.

Schools of Choice

If you reside out-of-district, please apply through Schools of Choice though transportation is not provided for Schools of Choice applicants.  


Please call 586-421-2432 with any questions.