Core Programs

At New Haven Elementary School, teachers follow a balanced literacy framework that engages children in a variety of literacy experiences.

Balanced Literacy Components

Reading Aloud - The teacher reads aloud to the whole class or small group.

Shared Reading - Using a text that all children can see, the teacher involves children in reading together.

Guided Reading - The teacher works with a small group of children who have similar reading processes.

Independent Reading - Children read on their own or with partners from a wide range of materials. 

Shared/Interactive Writing - Teacher and children work together to compose stories.

Guided Writing - Teacher guides the process of writing and provides instruction through minilessons and conferences.

Independent Writing - Children write on their own.

Letter and Word Study - Grades K-2 will utilize the Fountas & Pinnell program entitled: Phonics Lessons and Word Study Lessons.  Grade 3 will be using the Fountas and Pinnell program entitled: Word Study Lessons.

The Daily 5 Reading Workshop

The Daily 5 reading workshop approach is a management system created by “The Two Sisters,” Gail Boushey and Joan Moser, as a way to keep students actively and independently engaged in literacy tasks while the teacher meets with small groups or individuals. The Daily 5 consists of five literacy tasks that leads students to a lifetime of literacy independence. These five tasks are:

  • Reading to self
  • Working on writing
  • Reading to someone
  • Listening to reading
  • Word work (letter and word development)

External LinkDaily 5 Website

The Writing Workshop

The writer's workshop approach is also a management system that allows teachers to conference with individuals and small groups while the rest of the class works independently on composing pieces. Within this workshop setting, students are independently engaged in one of the following stages:

  • Pre-writing
  • Drafting
  • Revising
  • Editing
  • Publishing

New Haven Elementary is in the second year of using our new writing program Writesteps.  Writesteps is a K-5 writing program which follows the five writing principles noted here.


Everyday Mathematics is the program our school uses in kindergarten through fourth grade. This   program offers students hands on learning of math concepts through lessons, activities, and math games. The other benefit of this program is that core concepts are taught cyclically (periodically revisited) throughout the year. This allows learners of all abilities ample opportunities for practice and review. Please visit the Everyday Mathematics website for more information.

Social Studies

Our social studies curriculum is embedded in our English/Language Arts program. Whether it's reading the latest issue of Scholastic News, going on a virtual field trip with Google Earth, or using the National Geographic website to gather information for a research paper, our students are able to apply critical thinking and comprehension skills of social sciences in both reading and writing.


New Haven Elementary is entering their second year with our new science curriculum.  We are now using the Scott Foresman Diamond Edition science curriculum.  The program includes interactive learning, on-line materials, hands-on activities and assessments.

Handwriting Development

New Haven Elementary uses the handwriting development program: Handwriting Without Tears in grades K-5.