Graduation Requirements

A student will complete graduation requirements in four years.  In order to receive a diploma and graduate, a student will need to meet the school requirements for basic course work and earn the total number of minimum credits.  All students will be required to attend seven (7) class hours each day.  Each student must make a legitimate effort to pass the school–administered standardized test, the Michigan Merit Exam to graduate.

Specific course requirements are:


                                                          College Preparatory    General Education        

                                                               Expected                     Required
                                                                 Credits                        Credits                                     

English                                                   4 credits                     4  credits

   All students must take a sequence of English 9, 10, 11, and 12 and may not combine these in one year.  Each grade level of English is a requirement for the next grade level.   Students who earn a “B” or better in a course on “writing conventions may waive grade twelve English with a strong recommendation to take “Research and Literature” or composition I at Macomb Community College  as a senior year elective in preparation for college success.

Physical Education                               .5 credit                      .5  credit

Health                                                      .5 credit                      .5  credit

    PE and Health credits can be earned by assessment quarterly between grades seven and eleven with evidence to prove that the student is becoming more and more fit and healthy along with the 80% or better on the health exam on the Michigan Model components.

Mathematics                                        4 credits                     4  credits

    All students must have Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra II plus a fourth year of math.  Career courses such as Medical Careers, Auto IV, Finance, Mgt Marketing, and several courses available at the Career Technical Center at Pankow or college level math courses can be taken as the fourth year math credit.  Students in grade seven and eight who can earn an 77% or better on the common assessment used at the high school can earn high school credit for Algebra I at the time of enrollment at New Haven High School

Science                                                  4 credits                     3  credits

   All students must have Biology, Chemistry and/or Physics and one other science course which is usually physics or anatomy and physiology.  Students who complete these requirements prior to senior year have the option of earning a senior year credit at Macomb Community College for science if students are grade level proficient going into their senior year.

Social Studies                                       4 credits                    3 credits

   All students must have American History, World History, Economics, and Civics. 

Computer Technology                       1 credit                     1  credit

   Is incorporated into the high school curriculum.

Foreign Language                                2 credits                    2 credits

Visual Performing Applied Arts       1 credit                       1 credit


Electives                                                  4 credits                    6 credits

It is recommended that students explore the possibilities for the study of career certification programs at Pankow and the options for earning college credit through Macomb Community College and Lawrence Technological University partnership with New Haven.

Total                                                       24 credits                    24 credits

PLEASE NOTE:  24 credits are required for graduation.

Students in grades 9-12 at New Haven High School are allowed to take college courses through the partnership with Macomb Community College based on the MCC entrance exam. Credits can be earned as “dual enrollment” giving students both high school and college credit. Students can also take other college classes not offered at New Haven High School and earn additional credits towards a future degree.  Students that are in the Early College of Macomb program will be able to walk with their class at graduation but will not receive the diploma until the completion of their 5th year.

For more information on how to apply for Early College check out  Macomb Community College - Early College Information any additional questions please contact Mr. Scott Verellen at or at 586-749-5104.

All students at New Haven High School are required to verify their community service annually.  Forms are available online at the New Haven High School website for verification with a signature of approval by a sponsor. 40 hours of community service are required in order to participate in graduation ceremonies (10 per year of enrollment).  We encourage students to try and complete 10 hours a year versus waiting until their Senior year.  There are many opportunities also offered during the year to do service within the district you can learn about them in the daily bulletin, announcements at school, or simply by checking in the office.

If a student completes 80 hours of community service they will receive an Honor Cord at graduation.

If a student completes 100+ hours of community service within a year they will receive a Presidential Award & Honor Cord.

Printable Community Service Log - once completed please return to the main office ASAP.