Graduation Requirements


  • A student will complete graduation requirements in four years. 
  • In order to receive a diploma and graduate, a student will need to meet the school requirements for basic course work and earn the total number of minimum credits. 
  • All students will be required to attend seven (7) class hours each day. 
  • Each student must make a legitimate effort to pass the school administered standardized test - the Michigan Merit Exam to graduate.

Graduation Requirements


  • Students in grades 9-12 at New Haven High School are allowed to take college courses through the partnership with Macomb Community College based on the MCC entrance exam.
  • Credits can be earned as “dual enrollment” giving students both high school and college credit. 
  • Students can also take other college classes not offered at New Haven High School and earn additional credits towards a future degree. 
  • Students that are in the Early College of Macomb program will be able to walk with their class at graduation but will not receive the diploma until completion of their 5th year.

For more information on how to apply for Early College check out  Macomb Community College - Early College Information any additional questions please contact Mr. Scott Verellen at or at 586-749-5104.

 Interested in the Early College of Macomb? Click on the link below to view the recorded Information Night video.

ECM Information Night Video

Community Service Requirements 

Please be aware community service hours will NOT be accepted from private individuals, private businesses or family members. 

Community service is service without pay to a non-profit agency/organization or a group in need. 

Childcare/babysitting count only when done for a non-profit organization. 

Helping family members is considered an act of love and not considered community service.  

Covid-19 Changes:

  • Class of 2024 requirement is 30 hours * reduced due to Covid
  • Class of 2025 requirement is 40 hours
  • Class of 2026 requirement is 40 hours
  • Class of 2027 requirement is 40 hours

Current 8th grade students can begin earning community service hours the summer before they enter 9th grade.

We encourage students to try and complete 10 hours a year versus waiting until their Senior year. There are many opportunities offered during the school year within the district which can be found by checking the daily bulletin, announcements at school and also printed copies can be found in the office.

Students who complete 80+ hours of community service will receive an Honor Cord at graduation.

Students who complete 100+ hours of community service will receive the Presidential Award and Honor Cord.

PDF DocumentCommunity Service Log

PDF DocumentCommunity Service Opportunities - updated August 18, 2023