For questions about applying for scholarships please see Ms. Brohl in the office or email at


Guide to Completing Scholarships


Imagine America offers scholarships for trade schools in Michigan. The schools listed below participate in the program. Take a look at these 2 schools to see if either might be a good fit for you or your student. If these schools interest you, request information from them. Remember to ask them about the Imagine America scholarship program as well.

Listing of Trade School Scholarships

Horatio Alger National Career & Technical Scholarship Program -  This Scholarship Program will award 1020 scholarships in 2020, with a maximum award of $2,500, to students seeking to pursue career or technical education in a post-secondary environment.  Application opens February 15, 2021.

Carnegie Institute (Troy, MI): Healthcare Industry related positions, such as Cardiology Technician, Massage Therapy, Medical Assistant, Medical Business Specialist.

MIAT College of Technology (Canton, MI): Aviation, energy, global logistics & dispatch, HVACR & wind energy.

MI Road 2 Work -  Information on trade industry apprenticeships.  How to apply, requirements, and who to contact about apprenticeships in 24 different areas of work.

Below are the local scholarships for NHHS Seniors.  All scholarships must be typed.  There are to be no handwritten submissions.  If there is a section that needs to have a paragraph or an essay please type separately and  attached. Please print and return to Ms. Brohl in the office by the due dates.  No exceptions.  Please make sure you follow the directions and proofread.

Local scholarships that are on the New Haven High School website can be saved and  emailed to me at by the due date and I will submit them.   If the students needs a transcript, GPA, or class rank they will be filled in or transcript will be attached by the office before submission.


Jim Jones Memorial Fund Scholarship - Due April 16, 2021

New Haven Non-Profit Education Fund - Due March 26, 2021

Ray Township Fire Department Scholarship - Due March 26, 2021

The Ray Township Fire and Rescue Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship - Must be a resident of Ray Township - Due March 26, 2021

Anchor Bay Rotary Scholarship - Due March 26, 2021

Edward and Marian Siefert Alumni Scholarship - Due March 26, 2021

Endeavour Middle School Scholarship - Due March 26, 2021

New Haven High School Staff Scholarship - Due March 26, 2021

New Haven Elementary Staff Scholarship - Due March 26, 2021

New Haven High School Student Council Scholarship - Due March 26, 2021

New Haven Student Athletic Scholarship - Due March 26, 2021

Ladies Auxiliary Post 72 Scholarship - Due March 26, 2021

Encouraging Our Youth Scholarship Fillable - Due March 26, 2021

NHHS Cheerleading Scholarship - Due March 26, 2021

Chartwells Food Service Scholarship - Due March 26, 2021

Northern Macomb Foundation Scholarship - Due March 15, 2021

Mary Jenks Memorial Scholarship - Due April 15, 2021